Our Tips
& Tricks

  1. Design

    Considering the 3 available surfaces

    To elaborate a solution that best suits your needs, you have to consider the available space on the ceiling, the walls and the floor.

  2. Storage

    Carefully choose your shelves

    Be it of different sizes and materials, it’s always important to carefully choose your storage shelves which puts everything on view and if not solidly anchored into the wall might collapsed under the weight of too heavy items.

  3. Execution

    Proceed with an upgrade

    In planning for the makeover works, it is always preferable to foresee some finishing or renovation works - carpentry, electricity, plumbing, painting, etc. before installing storage products.

  4. Design

    Entrust the makeover of your garage to an expert

    It is more than recommend to be guided by professionals who are really receptive to your needs and open to your ideas and suggestions.

  5. Inventory

    There is nothing like a good cleanup

    Nobody is in a better position than you to decide what’s still good, useful and necessary in your garage. It is up to you to do the cleaning.

  6. Usage

    Working in pair is better

    When you access the content of your overhead storage racks, make sure to always work in pair. One on the ladder and the other one at the foot of it. In this way, you won’t drop your storage bins or boxes.

  7. Design

    Choose storage behind close doors

    No matter what kind of material used for its fabrication – laminate or steel – modular or custom storage cabinets will ensure an aesthetical and well adapted solution to the configuration of your garage.

  8. Storage

    Carefully choose your storage bins

    Always use bins of the same dimensions. You will thus have a better idea of their weight. Make sure of note overloading it by avoiding to concentrate all your heavy items in the same bin. Finally, identify your bins both on the front and underneath. It will be easier to locate the one you wish to access.

  9. Execution

    Hiding an electrical panel

    Standard panel or complete wall section, to invest in a custom design solution ensure a more aesthetical result and unquestionable integrated quality in your makeover.