Our Tips
& Tricks

  1. Design

    Be bold with your workbench countertop

    Beyong solid maple, considering other wood species like white or colored beech, walnut, cherry, red oak or cherrywood is an original and simple way to differentiate your workbench while benefiting from the warmth of real wood.

  2. Inventory

    The 3 piles technique

    In planning for the makeover of your garage, use the three piles technique to do your cleaning : the "recycling center" pile, the "to give away" pile and the "to keep" pile which content will be part of the future layout.

  3. Design

    Transforming the unused space of your ceiling

    It’s easy to transform your ceiling into a effective and aesthetical storage space with the right kind of storage product designed for that purpose.

  4. Storage

    Accommodating the storage of your tires

    A wall-mounted steel rack designed for that purpose will allow you to store a maximum of four tires, with or without rims, and to clear your floor of these bulky items in the spring as much as in the fall season.

  5. Execution

    Installing baseboards on your walls

    Installing baseboards on your walls ensure a more complete finish, more aesthetical and similar to your floor covering while protecting the base of your gypsum walls.

  6. Design

    Exacerbate the role and the main function of your garage

    Well organized, your garage allows you to park and protect your vehicles from the elements but also respond to the do-it-yourself, maintenance and storage needs of your family.

  7. Inventory

    Thematizing your storage

    Get the habit of putting back in the same place, like in the same cabinet, the items or products you just used. It will thus be simpler to find it next time you will need it. Thematize, if need be, your storage cabinets by concentrating items or products of the same kind at the same place.

  8. Design

    Use your walls adequately as organizing spaces

    Encourage the usage of strong and practical wall organizing system to hook and hang anything that is impossible to store otherwise in storage cabinets.

  9. Storage

    Plan for a vat or a sink in your garage

    It’s the main watering place of any respectable garage for washing or cleaning all sorts of current items like gardening or painting. Use the help of a professional plumber for its installation.