Jocelyn's Garage in Blainville


$50,000 and more


Triple Garage

Surface area

2224 sqft


The owner of this very large sextuple garage in Blainville, wished to transform it to create, among other things, two workbenches, one for woodworking and the other for metalworking, plus integrating a furnace, an oil tank and two large compressors.

The project involved designing this large space, characterized by its overhead bridge crane, with Rousseau steel furniture. The woodwork bench offers a solid maple countertop with power bar while the metal one, a stainless steel countertop with power bar and built-in sink. Furthermore, additional furniture, custom designed and fabricated to be identical to Rousseau's cabinets hide the furnace, the oil tank and the compressors. All the walls were converted into organizing surfaces, from floor to ceiling, to welcome a plethora of tools. Even the roof box got its own pair of custom aluminum racks. Finally, a floor covering both aesthetical and easy to clean welcomes confortably from now on, a series of vehicles within this vast and most practical space, perfectly adpated to the needs of its owner.

Project features:

  • Supply and installation LED lighting units
  • Supply and installation of top mounted stainless steel sink and faucet
  • Supply and installation of polyaspartic floor covering
  • Supply and installation of a pair of aluminum racks for roof box
  • Supply and installation of Rousseau steel furniture
  • Supply and installation of Rousseau stainless steel countertop
  • Supply and installation of PVC panels wall organizing surfaces
  • Supply and installation of wall organizing steel accessories


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